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ETRAK is a suite of tools that allow American Intermodal / Evans (AIT) and it's customers to track and trace the progress of PRO jobs handled by AIT.

When run by AIT, ETRAK provides a powerful tool for learning all about a particular container. The tool tracks dates and times from the first notice through the dispatch and all movements until the container is delivered to its final destination or returned to the rail.

Many of the ETRAK tools are available to the customer as well. Among the most popular is the ability to have the system send an automatic e-mail to customer's each time a container's status changes. That feature, combined with the ETRAK information keeps the customer aware of all their containers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


The Dashboard tool is used in the American Intermodal / Evans (AIT) office to monitor the movement of all trucks and containers throughout the day. As an internet tool, the AIT staff also monitors from home, from their tablet computers, and from their phones. Nothing slips by or gets forgotten.

Customers use a version of the Dashboard to watch the real-time condition of their own containers. There's no need to call and see where a container is when you can just bring up the Dashboard and take a peek.